Check-In: 20 weeks


I hit the official half way mark today of my pregnancy. Currently, I’m off work for almost a month. I’m a dance teacher and I love my job! Without going to work I’m doing a lot of extra house work. I deep cleaned and reorganized my bathroom/laundry room and my sunroom. Thursday, I decided to start the process of switching the playroom back to a nursery for Atticus. Jazz has been using the crib/toddler bed, but I moved that out of the kids’ room. I brought over the twin mattress to lay on the floor for Jazz, and reassembled the crib. I still have a lot of work to do before the transformation is complete. I need to figure out the whole toy storage situation. What toys will move into the sunroom, the kids’ room, and what will move into the sunroom. Wish me luck!


shirt-Old Navy, Skirt-Charlotte Russe (secondhand), Shoes-TOMS


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