Lyla goes to kindergarten


My baby girl went to her first day of kindergarten yesterday. She has grown up so quickly, and I’m incredibly proud of her.  I know you want to ask the big question…was there tears?!? Lyla didn’t shed a single tear. She got a little quiet when they sat in their line during check in. I thought I might cry at that point. I will admit that Jazz wanting to play on the playground kept me busy. I pushed Jazz a little farther away from the playground, but where I could still see how Lyla was doing. He calmed down and we watched our big girl follow her teacher to the school assembly on the basketball court.Kindergarten2013

Jazz was fine the whole walk home. until, I took him out of the stroller. He started running back toward the school, crying, and screaming for Lyla. That did it! My pregnancy hormones kicked in, and I did tear up a bit. I managed to get Jazz calmed down, and everything else went fine. We did a couple fun things together, and then he played while I did my housework. After his nap it was time for lunch. After that I told him it was time to go get Lyla. He got a huge smile on his face, and ran to grab his shoes


We walked back up to the school, and waited for the kindergartners to be dismissed. When Lyla made it to the front of the line she still looked happy. When she looked around and found us her face lit up, and she hurried over to give Jazz a big hug and kiss. Yes, even before mom! These two played together the rest of the day like they hadn’t seen each other in days. They really are each others best friend! Makes this mama smile!sibling love


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