Check-In: 26 Weeks

maternity. ootd, striped dress

Pictures can be deceiving. Today marks 26 weeks, and even with horizontal stripes my bump looks like it shrunk back to first trimester size. Physically, baby and I had a fairly rough end to last week. I had weird pain that felt like my stomach was being electrocuted on Thursday. Friday night I had two handfuls of contractions while on a Target shopping date night with my husband. However, starting Saturday I felt kind of normal again.

maternity. ootd, striped dress


Dress-Target, Shoes-Target, Necklace- Origami Owl

Origami Owl, living charm necklace, necklace, jewelryA few weeks ago I went to an Origami Owl party at a friends house. I had a great time, and walked away with this cute necklace. The charms on the inside are three birthstones for the kids (Lyla, Jazz, and Atticus) and a diamond ring for me and Nate. A little something for the whole family!


Check-In: 24 weeks


As I mentioned, earlier this week, fall dance classes started this week. I am so glad to see how classes are unfolding. I have a lot of returning students, but I also have lots of new faces in my classes too. My check-in this week is to share some of the dance wear I’ve been sporting.



It’s funny how many kids and parents are just now realizing I’m pregnant. When they find out I’m due in December jaws drop!


I’m happy that I can stay so active for the duration of my pregnancy. I believe that it helps with how fast I’m able to bounce back after delivery.

Check-In: 23 weeks

headband, bow print, skirt, chuck taylors, tennis shoes

Yes, that is my son as a blur with a headband. He is actually who decided I needed to wear a headband today. I’m pretty sure it is Lyla’s doing, but Jazz LOVES headbands!
headband, bow print, skirt, chuck taylors, tennis shoes

I had a doctor’s appointment this week. It was my official midway ultrasound, so the doctor took all of the necessary measurements to ┬áconfirm my due date. Of course, after having two itty bitty babies neither my doctor or myself was surprised to see that Atticus was measuring on the small side of the date we originally assumed. My due date is still December 28th. However, like the size of my babies being similar for all three pregnancies I will most likely not make it that far. My guess is the first weekend of December. What do you think? Jazz and Lyla were both born at 37 weeks 3 days.
mini me, style,

shirt-Old Navy, Skirt-Thrifted, Shoes-Chuck Taylor via TJ Maxx

On another note, Lyla and I matched today. After seeing what I was wearing she asked if she could wear a skirt too. I told her that was fine, and this is what she came back wearing. My skirt has dots, and her’s has little butterflies. However, they are both navy blue and we tucked our shirts.

Check-In: 22 weeks



Woo!!! It was a hot one this week! It looks like it isn’t going to let up next week either. I’m proud to say that the heat hasn’t gotten the best of me yet. I’m still walking Lyla to and from school all the time. Go me! (Yes, on this matter I am not ashamed to pat myself on the back.)


Shirt-Target, Scarf-Target, Skirt-Thrifted, Wedges-Payless

Check-In: 21 weeks


Good weekend everybody! What happened this week? Lyla started school. Jazz and I are adjusting to being home alone while Lyla is at school. Baby Atticus is moving around more and more. It is yet to be seen if that will continue when I go back to teaching dance at the end of the month. We took the kids on a hospital tour, and they did great. Judging by the class Jazz is a great swaddler, but won’t be holding or feeding Atticus solo anytime soon. Lyla on the other hand is a champion big sis!


Dress-Target, Shoes-TJ Maxx