Check-In: 24 weeks


As I mentioned, earlier this week, fall dance classes started this week. I am so glad to see how classes are unfolding. I have a lot of returning students, but I also have lots of new faces in my classes too. My check-in this week is to share some of the dance wear I’ve been sporting.



It’s funny how many kids and parents are just now realizing I’m pregnant. When they find out I’m due in December jaws drop!


I’m happy that I can stay so active for the duration of my pregnancy. I believe that it helps with how fast I’m able to bounce back after delivery.


How To: reusable cleaning wipes

Reusable Homemade Cleaning WipesAs I’ve mentioned, I find myself cleaning up a lot of little messes. While doing that, I try to keep what use to clean fairly green and cheap. Cleaning wipes are super convenient to use while cleaning up after little hands. Yet, it is pretty easy to blow threw a container in short order. Instead of constantly buying more, throwing the wipes away, and taking time to recycle the container I have started making my own reusable cleaning wipes from old t-shirts I’ve cut up and a few key ingredients.

Step One – fill container (I used an old baby wipes container) with your cloth wipes
Step Two – take 2 cups purified water, add 2 tablespoons of liquid castile soap and, add 10 drops of tea tree oil
Step Three – stir the mixture together and pour half of it over your wipes. Flip your wipes over, and pour the rest over the wipes.

Dance Camp



Dance CampLast week was my unofficial start of the dance year. Dance By Design held there annual dance team camps. The Demi Dolls & Dudes and The Arabesque Company members worked really hard. Not only did they have a lot of conditioning and technique to work on. They got to know each other better as a team. We have many new members this year, and I can’t wait to see what happens!

This year, The Demi Dolls & Dudes will be performing to Rainbow Connection and The Arabesque Company will put together a Michael & Janet Jackson production number as well as various small group pieces, solos, duets, and trios! I consider myself very fortunate to work so closely with these kids. I love seeing how much they grow as dancers in such a short time. I’m pretty excited about Lyla’s first year on our demi squad too.

The Demi Dolls & Dudes, The Arabesque CompanyTo follow along with our dance season follow us on Facebook. The Arabesque Company, Demi Dolls & Dudes, and Dance By Design.

Check-In: 23 weeks

headband, bow print, skirt, chuck taylors, tennis shoes

Yes, that is my son as a blur with a headband. He is actually who decided I needed to wear a headband today. I’m pretty sure it is Lyla’s doing, but Jazz LOVES headbands!
headband, bow print, skirt, chuck taylors, tennis shoes

I had a doctor’s appointment this week. It was my official midway ultrasound, so the doctor took all of the necessary measurements to  confirm my due date. Of course, after having two itty bitty babies neither my doctor or myself was surprised to see that Atticus was measuring on the small side of the date we originally assumed. My due date is still December 28th. However, like the size of my babies being similar for all three pregnancies I will most likely not make it that far. My guess is the first weekend of December. What do you think? Jazz and Lyla were both born at 37 weeks 3 days.
mini me, style,

shirt-Old Navy, Skirt-Thrifted, Shoes-Chuck Taylor via TJ Maxx

On another note, Lyla and I matched today. After seeing what I was wearing she asked if she could wear a skirt too. I told her that was fine, and this is what she came back wearing. My skirt has dots, and her’s has little butterflies. However, they are both navy blue and we tucked our shirts.

How To: Easy Body Scrub


I don’t like a lot of fancy extras in my body scrubs. I like them to be gentle, yet, exfoliate what needs to be scrubbed. I like them to be a little moisturizing too, so they leave my skin silly smooth. This body scrub doesn’t take more then dumping the salt (I just use iodized table salt) in the jar you will be using, and adding oil (I use olive oil). I fill the jar 3/4 of the way with salt, and oil for the last 1/4. You will need to stir this up before each use. For best scrubbing results I like to massage the scrub onto dry skin then rinse off.

Check-In: 22 weeks



Woo!!! It was a hot one this week! It looks like it isn’t going to let up next week either. I’m proud to say that the heat hasn’t gotten the best of me yet. I’m still walking Lyla to and from school all the time. Go me! (Yes, on this matter I am not ashamed to pat myself on the back.)


Shirt-Target, Scarf-Target, Skirt-Thrifted, Wedges-Payless