Check-In: 26 Weeks

maternity. ootd, striped dress

Pictures can be deceiving. Today marks 26 weeks, and even with horizontal stripes my bump looks like it shrunk back to first trimester size. Physically, baby and I had a fairly rough end to last week. I had weird pain that felt like my stomach was being electrocuted on Thursday. Friday night I had two handfuls of contractions while on a Target shopping date night with my husband. However, starting Saturday I felt kind of normal again.

maternity. ootd, striped dress


Dress-Target, Shoes-Target, Necklace- Origami Owl

Origami Owl, living charm necklace, necklace, jewelryA few weeks ago I went to an Origami Owl party at a friends house. I had a great time, and walked away with this cute necklace. The charms on the inside are three birthstones for the kids (Lyla, Jazz, and Atticus) and a diamond ring for me and Nate. A little something for the whole family!


Check-In: 21 weeks


Good weekend everybody! What happened this week? Lyla started school. Jazz and I are adjusting to being home alone while Lyla is at school. Baby Atticus is moving around more and more. It is yet to be seen if that will continue when I go back to teaching dance at the end of the month. We took the kids on a hospital tour, and they did great. Judging by the class Jazz is a great swaddler, but won’t be holding or feeding Atticus solo anytime soon. Lyla on the other hand is a champion big sis!


Dress-Target, Shoes-TJ Maxx